Sovereign Soul Rising

Supporting You During The Great Awakening

Together We Co- Create The Sovereign New Earth

Sovereign Soul Rising is the devoted to supporting you, the Awakening Soul, to fully Remember your infinite creationary potential, so you courageously claim your role as a Guardian of the New Earth!

This platform will support you in:

  • Activating & Expanding Your Consciousness

  • Confidently Actualizing Your Sacred Soul Missions

  • Reclaiming Inner-Sovereignty By Transcending Fear

  • Navigating The Dissolving Matrix From The Heartspace

  • Quantum-Leaping Your Relationships To Life & Humanity

  • Claiming Your Role As A New Earth Leader & Way-shower

Created by Ghostcat Blood, a fellow awakening Soul Brother & New Earth Visionary, this platform provides an array of FREE, high-caliber tools & techniques for the Sovereign Soul Rising including Daily Collective Energy Updates, 5D New Earth Channelings, Wealth Energetics, Power Animal Medicine Knowledge, Masculine / Feminine Energetics, Sovereignty Exploration & A Consciousness Expansion Portal.

This sacred platform is for you if you are ready to dissolve resistance so you openly embrace the higher frequency bands of abundance, clarity, peace, bliss, joy, expansion and community!

📸: Welsh Lakes, Canada

The Timeline Split of Humanity

Let's chat about what is occurring right now... and why it actually matters that you unchain yourself from the Matrix & control agenda!

Hello, I'm Ghostcat

After an initial awakening during a rite of passage in Patagonian Wilds years ago, I Remembered why I incarnated within this space called Earth... to stand for the Reclamation of individual sovereignty through the activation of consciousness and the embracing of abundance.

I create New Earth leadership containers that quantum-leap you into the total activation of your abundance energies, expansion of consciousness and reclaiming of your sovereignty... so you Remember you are already unconditional love and can create from this infinite, peaceful space!

If you feel the frequency and would like to expand within my containers, click the button below!

Aho, Namaste, All My Relations,
-Ghostcat Blood
Creator @sovereignsoulrising

"You have a very unique opportunity in this lifetime to choose abundance and Remember the glory of your fullest creative expression. Embracing this journey fully allows your Sovereign New Earth reality to materialize. This is where we are flowing!

From my perspective, the “purpose of life” is to explore a field of creative expression where you as a Being, an individuated fractal of Source, can discover yourself under the pressure of physical existence. This is a willing choice and before you veiled yourself, it was viewed as an honour to "dive" so deep into this density that you forgot you are already Divine!

This life experience is the ultimate game of hide & seek!

You said yes to this journey as a Soul in order to develop higher spiritual qualities and abilities, which you will bring with you into other lifetimes, spaces, realms of light and dimensions / frequency bands

My role is to support you in this.

Reach out when you are ready!

- Ghostcat B.
Creator of @SovereignSoulRising

The Sovereignty Guide

7 Powerfully Simple Consciousness Tools To Transcend The Chains of The Patriarchy & Fully Activate Your Sovereignty (So Your Stop Fearing The Great Transition of Humanity!)

Ready To Courageously Reclaim Your Soul From Matrix Programming So You Can Truly Align With Your Highest Self, Unleash Limitless Possibility & Remember Who You Actually Are?

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Sacred Containers & Programs

These are the paid containers and sessions that Ghostcat B. of Sovereign Soul Rising is currently inviting you into!

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All containers are available to men & women unless otherwise specified

Single Sessions:

2022 Programs:

***Custom Packages Available:

Conscious Leadership / Sovereign New Earth Workshops & Activations are available for your group programs, membership sites organization, or company are available.
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"May you Remember you are already sovereign, free & eternal. Let no one, no thing, no entity trick you into beLIEving you are less than divine."

- Ghostcat B. @SovereignSoulRising

The Sovereignty Strategy Session

(The Session Big Brother Does Not Want You Having)

Radically Activate + Reclaim Your Personal Power, Presence & Abundance... In Less Than 77 Minutes!

Session Available For Men & Women

  • Clarify Which Chains of The Patriarchy Are Holding Your Down From Your Full Potential & Develop Simple Strategies To Dissolve Them

  • Create A Roadmap To Reclaiming Your Internal Sovereignty So You Have Plan For Freeing Yourself From Trauma, Drama & Doubt

  • Activate Deep Levels of Trust In Abundance As Your Birthright, So You Stop Blocking Your Eternal Sovereignty... In Only One Short Session

"When you enter the sacred space of your Sovereignty Strategy Session, my core intention is to facilitate the Remembering & Reclaiming of your internal & external sovereignty... no matter what your circumstances currently are!

You will depart the session with a definitive sovereignty activation strategy based on my unique method, The Wheel of Human Sovereignty!"

- Special Pricing Currently Available -

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Quantum REALationship Accelerator

A Private 1:1 Container That Supports You To Master The Pyramid of Conscious REALationship(s), So You Can Dissolve The Energetic Chains Holding You Back From Claiming Total REALationship Sovereignty

... And Have The Knowledge & Skills To Live A Life Full of Abundant, Connected REALationships!

This Container Is Available For Men & Women

  • Transform your relationship to your Soul from one of struggle & doubt into one of abundance, flow and joy

  • Rediscover who you are and bring that unfiltered, unlimited loving potential into your relationships, so you feel totally connected to all that is you

  • Intentionally harness the Pyramid of Conscious REALationship to discover your specific space in this universe and what "this life" is!

  • Clear the stagnant, old codes of relationship from your field and DNA, so you can flourish within all of your REALationships (more fun, less stress, minimal judgment!)

After literally hundreds of coaching calls with masculine and feminine New Earth Leaders, I realized that the reason most don't have the relationships they desire is their whole approach to relating is confused and distorted from Matrix programming.

Without a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to REALating, the relationships of Awakening Souls often manifest as abusive, boring, misaligned, stagnant and "not good enough". Sometimes they are simply not as intimate and amazing as you know is possible! This goes far beyond your relationship with your significant other or your desire to magnetize a partner.

This private container is designed to quantum-leap you out of your old code "Matrix" programming, reveal the depths of your trauma and drama cycle (we all have this to transcend) and bring-up the subtle victimizer beliefs encoded within you.

Why? So you can rapidly transform how you REALate to this entire "Earth Experience" and bring through thriving, abundant and nourishing REALationships (pretty important with the wild changes on Earth right now!).

After sacred ceremony a few years back, Source / Great Mystery / God showed me a simple model to create REALationships I called The Pyramid of Conscious REALating. To keep the pyramid thriving while you are on this planet, you must balance the the 4 core areas of relationships: Self, Others, Purpose & Inter-Dimensional ("Sun & Stars").

That is the framework and the energetic for this sacred 1:! container. This is all about setting you up to become a masterful on the next level of your REALationship healing and expansion journey!

Master these 4 core energies of REALating and you can unleash your fullest creative potentiality within this lifeline... and enjoy each and every REALationship that you manifest!

If you feel the frequency, I invite you to schedule at the button below!

Logistics & Details

4 private 1:1 REALationship Mastery immersive sessions with Ghostcat

The focus is on developing a stable, grounded, loving base for the 4 core elements of the Pyramid of Conscious Relationship: Self, Others, Mission & Sun + Stars ("Quantum Field Relating")

All sessions must be completed within 2 months of purchase

Perfect for those in an intimate relationship, calling in a partnership or for those seeking more intimacy with SELF

- Special Pricing Currently Available -

Payment Plans Available

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The Masculine Reckoning of 2022

Reclaim Your Sovereignty. Activate Your Consciousness. Become Abundance.

Private 1 on 1 Leadership Expansion Program Is Available For Devoted Awakening Masculine Leaders

  • Rapidly Dissolve The Deep-Rooted, Fear-Based, Patriarchal Chains Holding You Back From Liberating Your Soul, Sacred Missions & Abundance Potential

  • Reclaim & Expand Your Consciousness To Embody The Courageous, Confident Sacred Masculine Guardian of Humanity, Gaia and Life

  • Quantum-Leap All Your Relationships & Interactions Into Unconditional Love By Mastering The Pyramid of Conscious REALtionships

"The Masculine Reckoning has arrived. With the rising frequencies entering Earth, all men are faced with a clear choice: rise into self-sovereignty and claim their leadership role in the Great Awakening... or consent to being owned by the Matrix. You must choose.

Are you finally ready to unchain yourself from the Matrix's Patriarchal energies & liberate your entire being into the Sacred Masculine!

This sacred container is for the man who knows he can actualize his "Source-Self" aka his "Higher-Self" N-O-W and is ready to accelerate this transformation in a no BS, immersive and elite container that includes the inter-dimensional expansion & on-the-ground Sovereignty evolution!

6 months / 1 on 1 Private Guidance

Synergy of virtual mentorship sessions, dojo style leadership challenges / activations, real-time spot coaching via signal app & guided quantum evolution techniques

Must be ready to fully lean into your evolution as a man, Soul & Consciousness

- Special Pricing Currently Available -

Payment Plans Available

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The Feminine Evolution

Heal & Evolve Your Relationship To The Masculine, So That You Can Fully Express Your Liberated Divine Feminine... In Life, Business & Pleasure!

This Sacred Private (1:1) Program With Ghostcat Is Available For New Earth Feminine Leaders

  • An Intentional, Embodied Deep Dive To Guide Your Sacred Energetic Trinity Into Harmonious Resonance, So You Can Remember Your Limitless Creative Potential & Feel Truly Alive Within Your Body

  • Totally Dissolve Patriarchal Trauma Programming To Liberate Your Most Expansive, Blissful States

  • Explore, Activate & Integrate Your Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies, So You Become Flow, Ease & Joy Within Your Creations

For too long the Divine Feminine has been shunned. The feminine has millenia of pain, wounding and betrayal to clear and it is my knowing that we, the sacred masculine, must play a key role in helping woman heal and evolve.

This is your opportunity to dive deep into your masculine relationships to clear father wounds, past relationship traumas and shift beyond addictions or issues with men, the masculine and the Patriarchy. When this is inner-taken in a lovingly supportive container, you can create self safety, trust within and truly emit your divine feminine radiance for all of the world to see!

Come journey if you feel the resonance Sistar!

6 months of private coaching with Ghostcat

Focus on sovereignty, self-liberation, REALationships, Trauma / Drama Dissolution, Sacred Masculine activation & Divine Feminine Flourishing.

This container is design to nurture and nourish you in a loving, but simply structured way that builds your energy as we move through the forthcoming Portals & Frequency Blasts.

Blend of private coaching calls, sovereignty sessions, personal healing / guided activations & real-time signal app support as we flow through the coming energies / Portals

- Special Pricing Currently Available -

Payment Plans Available

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The "Official" Bio

Ghostcat Blood (born Spence) has been a Leadership Development Facilitator for over a decade, transforming the lives of hundreds of leaders through workshops, wilderness retreats, online courses and his sacred 1:1 private coaching containers.

After a massive spiritual activation and awakening while on wilderness quest at the end of the earth, he became immersed in leadership development and the question of "How can one free their consciousness from The Matrix while within the Matrix?".

He has since dedicated his life to creating containers that expand consciousness, activate personal sovereignty and allow Souls to become better leaders of their realities, families and tribes. Known for synergizing the secrets of Mother Nature with quantum awareness, he knows every single Sovereign Soul Rising has it within them to can step boldly into their limitless creative divinity and unleash abundance, peace, centeredness and joy.

"May you Remember you are already sovereign, free & eternal. Let no one, no thing, no entity trick you into beLIEving you are less than divine."

- Ghostcast B. @SovereignSoulRising

Get In Touch

To work with Ghostcat, or to propose collaborations, kindly reach out with the form below. You can also reach us on the list channels!

Client Love

Cassandra Clegg, Light-Leader & Energy Healer
Insta: @phoenixmysteryschool

Abby Kneipp, Mystic & Women's Empowerment Guide
Insta: @abbykneipp

Zibby Taylor, Artisan & Healer
Insta: @mugwortandmoonstoneemporium

Tarsh Ashwin, Ashwin Publishing
Insta: @tarshashwin

Brenda Soulfire, Crystal Shaman & Reiki Master
Insta: @brendasoulfire

Debbie Hagedorn, New Earth Visionary & Healer

Before working with Spence privately, had made some huge changes within my business, but was still not fully clear on my vision & mission of how I wanted to move forward. I was still playing it safe and staying within my comfort zone but knew I had so much more within me… so I made the commitment to myself to invest my time, energy and finances into this program.

By working with Spencer, I have rebranded into my movement and stepped fully into my power and my truth. I am so proud and confident of the leader that I have become. I broke through a hell of a lot of resistance around speaking my truth and sharing my message in fear of being judged or criticized. With Spencer's guidance I have been able to take ownership of how I show up and serve others.

This is a super potent container that will help pull you forward into your masculine edge. You will feel uncomfortable, you will hit resistance, you will want to hide at times but Spencer is always there supporting you through this transition and offering you guidance, love and support all the way.

You may be feeling a lot of resistance to committing to a container like this… it will bring up a lot of your fears and overwhelm because it is going to stretch you. However you need to connect deeply with yourself, connect with your head, your heart & your hara and trust that inner knowing because if you do, you won’t regret it!

I was surprised by the sacredness of the work that Spencer offers - it is truly next level. Some of the deep activations blew my mind and unlocked some potent AF codes for me.

In terms of resistance the financial piece came up when committing as well as showing up and being held accountable for the full time period… in a group program you can hide if you want to; however in this container you will be lovingly called forward through the tough times. I just had to surrender and have trust! I knew if I didn’t invest in me in this massive way, I didn’t believe in what I can create… and it most definitely was worth it!

This container is super potent and will make huge changes in your masculine energy - be ready to get called forward and move through some big changes because it is totally worth it on the other side.

The New Earth Masculine program has been such a game changer in how I show up for myself on a daily basis. I am in control of my energy and am able to harness the potency and power of the earth's energy to ground in my Masculine Leadership.

- Fin Mckenna-Fox, Men's Leader & founder of The Ground Masculine
Insta: @thegroundedmasculine

Prior to working with Spencer I was often in self sabotage isolating low energy and low self-esteem. I had many challenges and shadow work I worked through starting with self-esteem goals, and starting to use my voice and divine gifts.

I accomplished a lot since working with Spencer I started using my voice and listening to what my heart and intuition was telling me. Things started unfolding for me I became a published author and speaker on various podcasts a panelist and speaker on New Earth Leadership Virtual Conference I spoke on Unity and and Equality for the New Earth. I started my own business, and I’m learning how to grow my business became more confident and grounding in my strength my power and light I am proud in finding my voice my sole purpose. My tribe and soul family I stand in my power and divine gifts daily.

My biggest aha moment during my time working with Spencer was when I made so many changes all at once I felt so much love and support from the universe from Spencer and our soul family. I discovered what was missing in my life and made changes to better my life I have been called north where I grew up and was born I moved home now I am able to work on my business and be closer to my family and be part of the local community, everything changed and became a sense of flow and ease I started listening to my heart and what feels good throughout my body no more self-doubt, not as much fear and can work through the lower energy emotions with more strength and confidence.

The New Earth Leadership Masculine container is full of support love, healing and strength. Masculine leaders are supported to work through many challenges and emotions that many of us face we are guided and able to come through stronger aligned masculine leaders of the new earth.

I became a stronger leader I know who I am and have no shame in who I have become as I know my purpose and my divine gifts.

To someone thinking of joining don’t think too much about it just drop in to yourself and feel and join it’s life-changing

It’s changed my life in so many ways I didn’t recognize myself before I joined now there’s no looking back, and I keep moving forward.

- Mark Holton, Best Selling Author & Elemental Healing Practioner
Insta: @mark_holton_

To say that I loved this program with Spencer is an understatement! I enjoyed all of it and every session left me blown away... Not only have I learnt things I had never heard before ( so refreshing in the coaching industry ), but I also saw results in my life very quickly, in term of clients, more money, joy and harmony and mostly how I FELT.

This was a program I did not think I needed, only to realise that it was a program I needed and DESIRED... this is perfect for the woman who is ready to dive deep... yes, those teachings go deep and once you open yourself up to it, there is no going back... a positive change will be upon you before you know it.

- Stepanka Kuralova, Healer & New Earth Visionary
Insta: @newearthwoman

From a fellow leader: Spencer's principles on leadership are simple, but the results you'll achieve will elevate your soul.

His leadership is extremely potent and deep, while heart-centered and refreshing.

I always feel activated being in Spencer's presence and I trust you will too. His vast knowledge of the spiritual and earth realm will align you into your deepest purpose. He won't let you slide back into self-sabotaging patterns.

You'll ascend into a higher frequency of wealth, abundance, freedom and connection.

Get ready to unlock your greatest purpose!

- Ryan Yokome, Soul Wealth Coach & Host Soul Wealth Podcast
Insta: @ryanyokome

This has been a life changing experience and I appreciated how Spencer provided a safe space for this powerful container...

I can't recommend working with Spencer highly enough, and the words cannot describe such a magical experience....personally I went from being a lost person who had the patriarchal programming so deeply weaved within my soul that it was hard to decipher even know who I really am….as being controlled is all I have been used to.

It feels so liberating to break down the chains from the old codes of the patriarchy, which was a huge transformation and healing in all aspects of my life and now stand in my own power with so much guidance as i proceed on my path!

- Anouchka A, Feng Shui Expert & Mother
Insta: @anouchka.adaya

This was a one of a kind program that I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced. It was a deeply loving and transformative container that took understanding, evolving with and harmonizing the divine masculine and feminine energetics to a whole new level.

I really appreciated how the content and support offered was so holistic.

Many angles were taken as to where healing and growth could take place within this domain including on a quantum, business and collective level (not just within oneself or in partnership). The coaching, homework and supporting material felt very wholesome and activating all the way through. The space held was so deeply nurturing and exactly the right medicine for this kind of inner work.

I've done and loved many programs with Spencer to date and really gave this content and delivery a new level of depth and richness.

I highly recommend this immersion for anyone looking to further break their chains to old systems of spiritual and physical slavery with a high caliber of accountability and support available to them from a sincerely excellent facilitator.

- Maryna, Self-Mastery Mentor & Shadow Alchemist
Insta: @mastering.human

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